The Stone Town Market


Meandering behind the shops and more touristy area you will run into a big market place to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, the seafood caught that day, breads, dates, and stacks and stacks of all spices. As we browsed through the spices at one shop we made a friend named Juma.

Once we were finished looking and told him we’d come back another day to actually buy spices he announced that we had to take one today for free- today was “free day” and another day we could come to buy. Both Astrid and I didn’t know how to take that and tried to buy one and get one free, but that wasn’t successful because then Juma just said- okay, pick 2 for free! I thought his marketing strategy was a good one: tell a customer to pick one for free and then the customer feels indebted to reciprocate the kindness and purchase- but if Juma did have a marketing strategy I don’t know what it was because I was baffled. I walked away with cardamon coffee and banana tea, promising to return to buy more- which I later did!


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