City Park should be called Monkey Park


After Christmas it was time to revisit the monkeys and bring Christmas to them. So on Monday a bunch of us headed there together- it was a progressive thing… first me Jaime and Moses, then we picked up Brenda and her kids and Astrid, then met Grace’s daughter Meta before hopping on a bus into town, once in town we met up with Mora, a friend from Inspiration Center, and FINALLY headed for the park. Once we got there we went to a little eating place hidden behind the vegetable and fruit market opposite Monkey Park. Chicken Tikka and Mango/Avocado juice! mmmm. Once we reached the park Gideon, Mwix, Gabi, and Samara were already there playing with the monkeys.

I had brought peanuts, plus Moses had bananas, plus our leftover lunch food. Gosh we spoiled the monkeys!


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