This week: is it really Christmas?



Christmas time at Uhuru Park

This week has gone like all others. Not many decorations, or festivities that would cue me into feeling this excitingly magical anticipation of celebrating the mystery of Christ’s birth with my family and close friends. Gift-giving  is also pretty rare so I do not even have much excuse to do that. God has put a few important friends in my life to fill this space in my heart for the Christmas I have grown up with… making cookies, singing along to carols, baking cookies, even having an advent service.

Meta filling up on a Christmas lunch celebration

My sweet mother sent me a package of advent envelopes, one to open each day, and even my very own stocking filled with a few gifts.

 I really have to remind myself that it is Christmas. Sometime this reminder is jarring and unwelcome since it comes without family this year. But God has given me so much- Oh my goodness, SO much that it is hard to feel sad for very long.

Christmas Pagent at Nairobi Chapel

So leading up to Christmas this week, what have I done? Met with Arts from Below Artists and a man from Nairobi Arts Trust, bought a bus ticket to Zanzibar, gotten my Tanzanian Visa, skyped at 5:30 am with family, introduced my two little Kenyan sisters to the newer classic Christmas movie “The Elf”!

My mom sent Samara and Gabi Christmas gifts!


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