A Kenyan Wedding


Actually the title should be “Kenyan Reception” because I never actually made it to the wedding… honestly tried to but unfortunately we were late! But the reception was so fun and I especially had a good time because Moses brought 25 of the kids from Mathare to the wedding! Since it was his good friend who was getting married Moses arranged for some of our kids to preform, singing and dancing, at the wedding during the entertainment portion. But I also just about cracked up that Moses was cheering the kids on to eat as much food as they could stomach!

 It was great… to take the kids, some whom wore their only nice dress, and get to bring them to a fancy celebration where they could eat lots of good food and dance and celebrate. These kids were treated as part of the guests and given all the benefits of that title. When they did a dancing train Molly and Janet came running over to me and actually forcefully pulled me out of my chair to come and join them! I will try to load a video up of the guy’s dance preformance too because they’re amazingly talented that if they were in the US I think they would be a big hit.


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