Samson’s Motto


This little boy is so dear. He just has a disarmingly innocent way about him that makes it hard to reprimand him when he is not following directions. Samson has a scar on the side of his head and his one hand is a bit crumpled, making me wonder what complications happened when he was born. I think there may be a bit of a language barrier and then also a learning disability tacked on to that since I will sometimes ask him questions that he does not seem to understand and then the kids around him will laugh. But most of the time when this happens, Samson saying something silly that is not the right response, he will just laugh with the rest and it just becomes a big joke rather than pointing out one person’s failures.

I have enjoyed Samson in my painting classes from day one, even if he can be a little spacey and not always respond to my questions, I know that his intentions are good and that he is motivated to learn. So I was happy and flattered when Samson chose mural painting for the camp. Througout the week, when I would see him outside of our classes he would come up to me and greet me with those innocent eyes and sweet smile.

On the last day of classes I challenged the kids to recite the Buildabridge motto in kiswahili, since we had been reviewing it every day at the camp, and before in Saturday painting classes. A few of the children stood up and recited it and I gave them a lollipop as a reward which was a huge incentive to Samson… he really wanted this lolly! So he stands up and starts saying the motto. He struggles, stumbles, restarts, needs me to give him the first word of a phrase, but in the end he said the whole thing from memory and I was so proud of this kid!


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