Splash in the Indian Ocean!


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We went to the beach as many chances as we got. These children were ecstatic with anticipation over going to swim in the ocean for the first time in their lives… and they were pretty fearless! I had 4 girls assigned to me during our outings, but inevitably I would play with Yvonne, Alice, Anne, and Esther for a bit before some would slowly migrate to another group of friends and I would just stop every 10 minutes and count my kids from afar. The kids were eager to learn how to float and swim, especially Two girls, Molly and Sherri, surprised me at how fearless they were. The smaller girls, loved to be held and dragged through the water, twirling around like a washing machine or piling 3 on top of me and asking me to carry them all at once. My boys (from my painting classes) would challenge me to a race or try to go through my legs underwater. One day we went to a more secluded beach where the children collected shells and found all sorts of sea creatures (starfish, sea urchins, crabs, conch). I walked around for a good half hour just picking shells but the best ones I have in my collection right now were from the kids, I can’t take that credit!


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