Art Camp Sunday Travel


After getting very little sleep from the previous night I loaded on a bus with 2 volunteers for the US, Brenda and Kevin Ochieng from Goldmines, and Astrid from Switzerland and we set out on our 7 hour bus trip to the Coast! When we arrived the bus with the children were still on their way so that us volunteers were able to set up and prepare for their coming. I recived a text from Moses earlier saying that their were “77 humans” loaded onto a 51 seated bus headed our way. The situation was so chaotic that they actually were passing the kids through the windows of the bu in order to make as many people fit as possible. These kids were so excited that not even a cramped ride in a bus for 7 hours would deter them. When the kids did arrive, however, the ride took its toll on a few of the kids as some were carsick or dehydrated from the ride- but they made it. The idea of traveling to Mombasa is elevated almost to the same level as going to America, everyone wants to go visit Mombasa but many never end up going- however our kids from Mathare got this chance! We split the children up so that each volunteer had 3-4 kids to chaperone when we traveled to the beach and Fort Jesus. Yvonne, one of my girls, looked at me and said, “you know this is a chance of a lifetime that I will never forget and I may never get again”. This shows just how much this trip meant to these children.

That night we had a filling meal of Ugali, Sakuma (collard greens) and nyama (cow meat) and then projected a silent movie (because we were lacking one of the cables) onto the side of one of the buildings. After this the kids went to bed- sleeping in 5 classrooms that were converted to dormitories by sticking bunkbeds and mattresses in the rooms.


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