Buying for 80


This was the day after Thanksgiving- I guess we decided to work off some of the extra poundage we had put on from the night before. Moses and I headed into an area around Eastliegh where they sell many fruits and vegitables in bulk for cheap. This is after we transportated 7 bails of flour from 1 side of town to the other. Then at the market we bought 35 cabbage, 360 onions, 80 bananas, ect. just to give you an idea. We ended up with some huge sacks of produce from our grocery shopping. This is the most serious grocery shopping i have ever done! After this shopping at the market we ran errands in town to buy painting supplies and didnt finish the day’s shopping until it was nearly dark so I ended up sleeping in Huruma, on the other side of town.

Then today, on Saturday, woke up to some chai and chapati before walking to Mathare and buying mural board and brushes along the way. We had an all-day volunteer training today which lasted until 4 pm and then, once again, headed into town to wrap up last minute supply shopping.

Now it is 2 am and I am still preparing for the trip but realizing that this may be my last time on the internet until returning from Mombasa.


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