Nairobi Diaspora of Hope Art Camp

Dear Friends and Family,
One of the things that will be coming up in a month is the Diaspora of Hope Art Camp here in Nairobi. Specifically the children that have gone to this camp in the past are children from the Mathare Slum because this is the location where the camp has been held the past 2 years. This year however we are trying to make it an away camp so the children, many who have never left the slum, will have the opportunity to get away for a whole week in a rural camp setting out in the country. We have found a location that has all of the necessary facilities to house the children and even feed them, the only catch is that this wonderful place is 7 hours drive!
We have estimated that for each child that goes it will cost 15.00 US dollars to transport them round trip (we are hoping to take 80 children and 20 volunteers). If this is something you would consider giving towards I know the children would be so appreciative. Since this is the same place that I teach art class on Saturdays I know many of these children and know this camp may be a one-time opportunity and experience. If you aren’t in a place to help that way, could you please pray- for the children, volunteers, logistics? The camp is approaching fast (November 29th – December 4th) and there are still many loose ends, as you can see. Pray that the kids are able to be supportted so that we can take them outside of the slums for this art camp and pray that even the volunteers will receive funding because many of the artists who want to teach the kids are coming from the slums and don’t have the resources to send themselves.
Thank you all for your support in what is happening here!
To sponsor 1 child for $15.00 here is the information :
Make Checks To:  Center for Transforming Mission and earmark check:  Nairobi (Mathare Art Camp 2010)
Send Check To:             
902 Market Street
Tacoma, WA 98402
OR For Automatic Deposit: Please email Lana Rocke at

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