Should I go in to Social Work?


I dont know whether I should become a social worker but I do know that I have really enjoyed helping my friend Grace. This girl had been searching for a house for about a week and a half, with little sleep, food, or money and 2 kids to look after. But after her hard work we finally found a place. On Monday Grace and I had just met with a beadwork artist when my friend Daniel told us he had found her a place! We started jumping and hugging out on the sidewalks of Nairobi, you would have thought we won the lottery!

That very night Dan, Grace, and I rode to see her new place and close the deal. It is a nice area with many trees and schools. The air is a bit cleaner and the people around where she is living seemed hospitable and with many children for Grace’s kids to play with. Her “house” is actually a one room, concrete floor and corrogated metal wall and roof room but it is peaceful and compared to the oppresive environment of the last place Grace lived, both her and her kids seem to feel relief in this new home.

One Tuesday Grace brought her kids to the new house with what little belongings she has since most things she has left in her old house since she fears returning to get anything. Im not sure the kids have any extra clothes and besides the stove and broken cooking pot and a mattress and blankets that have been given to her, Grace is truly starting from square one with building up her home again. My friend Brenda and I have gone to visit twice so far though, and Grace’s spirits are high and the kids seem much less serious than they used to- now they are acting like kids! So this week then (as i put my social worker hat on) we will start talking about school possibilities in this new area and Grace will begin doing beadwork in hopes to sell enough to make income to support her and her children. You could pray for these next steps to go smoothly.


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