Meet my Friend


This is my friend, Grace. 

…and her 2 kids! I have gotten to know this girl in the last month and a half, and yet did not know the struggles of life behind this girl’s beautiful smile until just about a week ago. Grace’s kids are Meta, age 9, and Kirk Franklin, age 3. These two kids are by far the most important things in her life and I think is what keeps her going. Although Grace is still in her 20’s she has seen a hard life, including a debilitating heart condition that many times seems to leave her breathless and faint. Yet right now she has no financial support from her man and is struggling to provide education, food, and shelter for her family all by herself. This week I hope Grace can begin to find some resources that will help her to provide for her kids (she is an amazing artist!) and gather around her support which will encourage her during this hard time. Praying for this sweet family would be wonderful, I am so glad to have gotten to know Grace and also to have the gift of learning more about her life and sharing truth in our friendship.

Today we met with a sponsor organization in Nairobi called Real Star which will help support the children in school. Tomorrow Grace and I meet at 7 am (because I have a field trip planned out of Nairobi later that morning!) and we will go collect the school reports from the children’s schools so that they can transfer. Then later tomorrow Grace has agreed to go look for a house in another area close by. Ideally it would be best if this transition happened I think within the week, if possible.


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