Art from Below Art Meeting



Last Thursday was our first Art from Below artists meeting in the Kibera slum. The turnout was less than I anticipated so we had an abundance of bread and chai but even so, leftovers were not an issue. I was told that Kenyans- especially men- have no problem inhaling a whole loaf of bread all for themselves so actually we had zero left over even though I had bought 8 loaves of bread for only 15 people! We started the meeting more like 5 pm, rather than 4 because of waiting for people to arrive, which made me feel uncomfortable in my western mindset but is good for me to step back and let things happen without trying to exercise control. We started things off by introducing ourselves and then going into an icebreaker in order to get to know one another better and that seemed to loosen everyone up and be a big hit. There were artists who worked with a variety of mediums, including photography, interior design, musicians, drama, weaving, bead work, poetry, painting and drawing, and t-shirt printing. We brainstormed on some big sheets of paper in front about what our hopes are for this group and this is what we came up with…

to market our art for a better, fair price and a wider audience

to form an exchange program where we can learn skills from other artists

to host different events such as the Diaspora of Hope Art Camp, seminars, community projects, ect.

to create employment through selling art

to have an art exhibition,gallery

to use art to educate society and raise awareness

to bring publicity to the artist

 Now I have a challenge- how to unite this variety of artistic people by using the vision and goals they have so that they can own this group and adopt a vision that will outlast these 6 months I am here.


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