Art Club- we’ve started painting!


Gosh- this is just so refreshing, I love it! I get to walk through the streets on Mondays and Wednesdays to an apartment building that is right across the street from Kibera and go up 5 flights to the tip top. This is where my friend, Brenda’s, organization is and where I have gotten to know some of the coolest people. Daniel and I have now started 
“teaching” the art class. When we were first paired to work together I felt skeptical because Daniel is extremely quiet but as we have gotten to know each other we work well together and we have begun to talk. This class is funny in a couple ways… it is a painting class for youth either at the end of highschool or post highschool and somehow it tends to attract guys from the ghetto- who knew! Also, when the art is actually going on, these guys are silent and in deep concentration over their work.

So monday was the first painting day and Daniel and I split the roles- I brought things from home to set up a still life in the middle of the floor- a kanga, a jar, a cup, some avocados and some oranges; while Daniel mixed up the powder paint and water. These guys sat for over the 2 hours- more like 2 and a half and I was amazed because I was really loosing concentration at that point! Then today when we started I told the guys to take off their shoes and started putting them in the middle of the room- they just laughed 🙂 So we painted our shoes today! I think this is going to be my artistic outlet during this time in Nairobi. I am just so enjoying hanging out with these awsome people who are from such different backgrounds and yet I am finding we have much in common. I wish you all could come tag along with me- you would love it too.

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