Art Supplies


Yesterday I drove in to town to buy art supplies for my Sunday class. In the US if I told you I needed to buy paper and paint I would drive to Walmart and you would assume I’d be back from my errand in maybe a half hour. Simple, quick, right?… not so here! It was a scavenger hunt to find the right things at a good price. I met Moses in town (heading the Inspiration Center in Mathare) and he was so kind to help me find the supplies needed especially since we had to work so hard to find them. We wove through the main streetsand  into the less-traveled ones where the prices were better and shops smaller. I bet we visited around 20 different stores to find drawing pencils, erasers, painting paper, and the challenge= a huge role of paper that the kids can just draw on. After finding these things we were still searching for paint- not watercolor, not oil, not wall paint, but kid-friendly acrylic. Moses showed me a place on the outskirts of town where they make the Massai sandals- ah! But still no paint! We drove back to Mathare to drop the supplies and break for a late lunch before heading back into the city for paint. Finally success! We found it! Yet still I am in search for white. We bought yellow, blue, red, and black but no white. Our day had begun around 11:45 am and ended as we went “Matatu hopping” back home around 630 pm! I didn’t think buying supplies would be so time consuming or such an adventure!


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