Nairobi Chapel Church


On Sunday I went to Nairobi Chapel Church for the first time. From far away it reminded me of a circus because there are many tents that are set up for the various ministries plus a big tent for the service and congregation. The worship was familiar to me in some of the songs but more movement definitely which added a resounding joy underneath our tent. They also had us interact with the people sitting next to us throughout the service, which I appreciated, especially since I was able to start conversation with a girl of similar age and am hoping to continue to get to know her further. Pastor Ocsar Muriu is preaching a four part sermon on Marriage and focusing on passages from Songs of Solomon, with an emphasis on the importance of romance. And even though marriage is not on my mind right now, the truth he spoke does and will ring true for me when I, if I, cross that road- so it was good to hear. You can listen to the sermons on Nairobi Chapel Church Website- Karibu!


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