Gold Mines


Today I went to visit the Center for Transforming Mission offices, to meet some of the people that I will be working with there. Along the way to CTM I was introduced by Gideon to a couple who has just recently started an art ministry right across from the largest slum in Africa- the Kibera slum. Kevin and Brenda Ochieng have started a ministry through the various art programs they offer to the children of the slum every day throughout the week! Its incredible what they are providing and as Brenda wrote out the programs every day they include beadwork, painting, music, drama, and dance as well as also weekly sports clubs, leadership seminars, and bible studies. Their vision and what they have already accomplished with so littsuch a small place is truly remarkable. They even are putting the finishing touches on a recording studio. Everything they are doing is aimed at helping the children in the slum through the arts. As I met with them today I got excited about the possibility to begin networking with artists that Brenda and Kevin know, since they already know a few artists around Nairobi!

Check out their website!


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