Leaving for Nairobi- TODAY!


Today I leave for Kenya. I am realizing that I am an awful packer and keep changing my mind as to what I should take which is driving my mom crazy, since she has been extremely sweet to commit many hours of her help. I am feeling pretty good about going right now yet the full reality of what I am doing isn’t hitting me. Its only 6 months and yet its 6 MONTHS! the amount of time seems daunting and yet such a small amount of time all at the same time.
I will be leaving from Dullas Airport at 8:45 pm and then first go to London and then finally land in Nairobi at 9pm at night… I think thats like 1 pm on Tuesday US eastern time. I am excited for this new thing the Lord has placed in front of me… i dont even know what to call it though- new plan, new experience, new chapter, new job? I will keep you posted to how this first week goes once I am in Nairobi.


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