Preparing To Go…


On August 4th I left Charlottesville…. it was sad to go, it really was and i still am in the mindset that im only taking a quick trip away. Which is true in some ways, depending on how long “soon” is! Now I am in Baltimore, spending time with my family and friends (many of you). I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before leaving (my scheduled departure date is August 30th) yet I am also wanting to take these next few weeks to both prepare to go overseas as well as solidify communication with you all so that once I am overseas I can continue updating you on what is going on.
I want to share with you some prayer requests and some affirmations that have been answers to my prayers recently.
There are many ways God has been paving this road but here are a few…
– God is connecting me with an international arts community that I knew nothing about: I am connecting with both New City Arts Initiative in Charlottesville ( and also with International Arts Movement in Manhattan ( Ebony, ( ) who is connect with NCAI is touring the world while speaking out about justice through poetry, will be in Nairobi for a month and there is potential for us to not just connect but for her to do a workshop with the kids I will be working with. This morning I met a couple from Germany who have bought an art space in the southern region and have lots of vision for using it to reach the local community through art as well as host missionaries who are seeking a peaceful place.
– Relationships that have formed in Charlottesville this year have brought so much meaning and support to my life that I am very thankful for the history God has given me with people after just knowing them for a year!
– relational support and encouragement from friends and family- what a stabilizing part in my life. God is grounding me and pointing me to Himself in many ways through people in my life.
– The church I will be attending (Mavuno church, Nairobi Chapel)  with my family in Kenya was just visited by a friend of mine a month before I committed to go to Nairobi. Plus LifePoint Church is also connected to the same church!
– I have been referred to a travel agent who has found a super cheap ticket- 1300 round trip! And although I do not have all money raised yet for the ticket it is getting there steadily and I am still holding out hope that Rotary Clubs in my town might help me.
– God gave me a computer. This statement is going to lead me through a story and explanation so here we go…. first off my old computer is 5 yrs of age, slow going, and after suffering from a puddle on my counter just 2 weeks ago it either would fail to turn on or fail to turn off. I shared this need and concern with a few of you, since i realized that my job in kenya involved at least 50 percent computer usage, but wasn’t focusing on this as a huge need…even though now i realize it really was. Anyways, so  Monday i get a call from Joy Hancock from trinity telling me that I have a package to pick up from the church office. I get there and start opening up the anonymous gift to find a brand new computer inside. I could not believe this and had so many feelings in the parking lot as I sat with this huge gift and not knowing who to thank or how to express my relief and gratefulness. this is a gift directly from God and another affirmation for me.
– Just today, I was sitting in church when one of our pastors announced that we had special visitors here from Nairobi Kenya- from the church Nairobi Chapel! This is the church family I will e worshiping with while in Kenya and how crazy is that that one of the pastors was visiting on the Sunday I returned home! I met Faith Mugera right after the service, only to learn that she also knows the founder of BuildaBridge as well as the family I will be living with in Kenya! I will be able to see her one more time in the US before seeing her in September at Nairobi Chapel Church. Wow God.
Prayer requests:
– Health- last time I ate Ugali (corn flour and water mixture) for many days on end my system did not like it very much. But maybe the eating habits in the city may be alittle different. Anyways this seems like a silly prayer- that my digestive system will not work against me but it is a concern of mine.and then also having asthma is another concern.
– Writing an effective art curriculum for the kids. May God show me what and how He would have me teach so that His truth gets into the kid’s lives.
– That leading up to going I will be able to prepare fully in the US
– Safety while I am there… there has been a little political unrest recently but not too much
– That I will mesh well with my family that I am living with.
– Spiritual strength, resilience, maturity, devotion- that’s really the crutch of why I should be doing all that I do so this is the most important prayer.
– I feel overwhelmed and like I have some unknowns that are bugging me… I know trust and giving this over to the Lord is what I need to do, please pray that I do this, every day.
– For the political situation in Kenya
– For God to work in the lives of the people that I come in contact with – the children I teach, the people I work with, the artists I meet
Through all of these things that have happened leading up to Kenya I must confess that my view of God is too small. Because if it wasn’t too small then why would I be so surprised over the small things He has done for me after He called me to go on this trip. Why am I surprised at His faithfulness? Of Course- it makes total sense! If God asks me to do something He is then committing to provide all that I will need for what my job requires. Yet I am slow learning and am surprised when plans come together in uncanny ways. Thank goodness that God has grace to hold my small faith when He is such a huge God.


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