The Show, July 13th


The day of the show I finished up little preparations and also made a few desserts for refreshments. For the most part the day of the show was not very stressful, and I was even able to relax at Malcolm’s house and eat dinner with him and Anne leading up the show. My mom, aunt, and grandma came about an hour early to “scout out” the paintings- so they would have first dibs if they wanted any. I had typed out a price list and yet wasnt seriously thinking that many people would actually buy the paintings.

Once the show was underway we welcomed people in with glasses of sangria and iced coffee and then showed them downstairs where my studio had been and now where my paintings were hung on display (all 50!). I walked around greeting people and talking with them about paintings and my experience apprenticing during this past year. It felt right, to have people come and see the work that I had done and to invite them into what was my world for the past year and also share with them what I am anticipating my world to be in the next few months. This was a good way for me to share a part of myself with others who have been supportive of me. After about an hour Malcolm ushered people upstairs to the living room where we each talked about the paintings and apprenticeship. Although it was obvious Malcolm had planned for this little talk, as he pulled out his note, I was given little warning beforehand that I would have to give a speech (which was probably smart thinking on his part!) so I gave a short impromptu speech. Malcolm handed me a certificate of completion at the end of our speeches with him and Anne’s signatures and Scamp (the dog’s) paw print.

Afterward, people were free to roam around downstairs some more and snack on the food we had put out. This is when people started asking to buy paintings and this was exciting and surprising to me. I would stick red dots on the paintings that people wanted until I ended up running out of red dots! Then I just had to write it down by hand. This was an extra bonus- to sell a few- and will be helpful funding for the Kenya trip that I will be taking soon.


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