What I Have Learned from this Apprenticeship


Working in a solitary studio space is hard work. I did not expect that painting for 3 days out of my week would be as challenging as it sometimes was. I had to be intentional about structuring, schedualling and breaking up my time in such a way that I was stimulating the creative side of myself. I was challenged with lack of enthusiasm and lack of motivation at times and worked hard to figure out how to re-excite myself over the paints I was in the middle of.

How to train my eye to see color in a way that I can then capture the feeling of the color and atmosphere accurately through paint. For instance, using red or veridian in the sky or burnt sienna in the grass.  I learned that using the compliment of a color on the color wheel  as the background makes the object in the foreground “pop”.

How to paint varying shades of green in a landscape. I learned how to show depth and distance through the shades of color I use.

– I learned about Malcolm’s style and process of painting. Malcolm showed me how he paints and sands masonite board in order to prime it for a painting.

– How to take “color notes”. Malcolm taught me to take “color notes” when I am painting outside and that it is better to interpret the colors correctly onto the canvas and less important to fill up the entire area that I am painting on.

The process is just as, or more important than the final outcome. This is not only applicable in life but also in painting! The steps I took to complete a work became just as important as the painting itself because of the things I learned through the process.

-Doing things the right way is important in the long run–  I learned that making the time to do things right at each step in the process made a difference in the end product. This includes cleaning the palette and brushes regularly and mixing colors in a way that doesn’t taint a large portion of paint but keeps as much pure as possible.

In the future I am fortunate to have this experience as a reference point. I have learned about art as well as myself from the apprenticeship (I am socially driven person who seeks to use art in ways that will address other’s needs). I will carry with me the knowledge of how to paint beautiful landscapes, as well as insight in how art is affected and needs in many other areas of life. I concentrated on learning how to paint landscapes during this year but have come away with a much broader and inspiring view of art than could be contained in just one subject matter. Malcolm gave me opportunity to discuss art related topics, connect with artists, and encouraged me to explore how art can be applied in other areas of life which I deeply appreciate. This is in addition to his teaching me how to paint quality paintings that capture light and beauty. Thank you so much, Malcolm and Anne, for your time, energy, generosity, and deep Christian love that you have shown to me!


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