Preparing for My Art Show


I was reluctant to agree to do an art show as a way to finalize my apprenticing  experience and yet I am very glad that I went ahead with the show. It was stretching, educational, and provided  a way for me to show a group of people what I have been doing in my little corner of the basement and for them to share in my experience.

Leading up to the show I visited the studio in order to sort through stacks of paintings (some of which I forgot existed!), painting them with a glossy medium to make the colors “sing”, and signing my name in the corner of each picture. Next, Malcolm was generous to lend frames and help me secure the pictures in the chosen frames. After this we hung certain pieces on the walls first as “anchor pieces” and then hung other (usually smaller) pieces around. The smaller paintings were chosen based on whether they went well with the anchor piece, as well as whether the wall color complimented the painting. The paintings that were unframed covered one whole all and resembled a collage. I then taped numbers by each painting and typed out a list of the paintings and prices.


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