BuildaBridge Art Institute


I went to an event in Philly with an organization called BuildaBridge. This was a 5 day gathering of artists from all over the country and around the world who are interested in discussion and exploration of how to use art in order to help other people, mainly those who are in greatest need. This seminar was eye-opening, inspiring, challenging, and encouraging to me as I talked with artists who are asking my same questions of how to bring art to the lives of others in tangible ways that will truly reflect a difference in their lives. I sat in on talks from art therapists, music therapists, and dance therapists among many others.

Now there is so much going through my mind that I need to take time to revisit my notes and process it all. I want to put so much to paper about what is going on in my head- putting to paper what I know of myself, the goals I have, the challenges I want to overcome, the ideas in my head, the questions I have, ect.

This trip opened up dialogue with some people which may change what I do and where I go in the very near future. Much is uncertain but I will in some way use art – wherever I go.

For 3 evenings I was able to participate and experience how one lady uses dancing to reach out to kids in Philadelphia. We learned West African dance.

Here is some of the amazing staff that taught classes and ran the programs.


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