I continued developing the paintings that I started last week…

I changed around the anatomy  a little bit, hopefully for the better and worked on the water and the lighting hitting the figures, implying a orangy sunset setting behind the figures.

The light hitting this picture makes it look washed out in the one corner but that’s ok because I didn’t change much in the girl’s clothes. I have been wrestling in my head of how to reveal the bright yellow primer underneath the painting and allow it to show. Landscapes and foliage oes not come easy to me so this was an attempt to abstract the background slightly and give an impressionistic feel. I have not finished the painting, yet may decide to keep the background underdeveloped and abstract and just focus on tightening up the foreground. Also I do not intend to keep the girls cheeks so rosy but am waiting for it to dry before I paint over, so that some will show through.


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